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Título Economic Analysis of Rural Land Administration Projects
URL: Adobe PDF/docs/Economic%20Analysis%20of%20Land%20Projects%2Epdf
Descripción The focus in this manual is on rural land administration activities. This manual begins by discussing qualitatively the benefits which may be generated by land titling projects. The next two sections discuss how the costs and benefits of the project are to be quantified and the mechanics of introducing them into a cost-benefit analysis. Two detailed case studies—of Bank-financed land titling projects in Thailand and in Guatemala’s Petén region—are presented to illustrate the analysis. Key words: land administration, administración de la tierra, titling, titulación, projects, proyectos, tenure, tenencia, access to credit, acceso al crédito, land market, mercado inmobiliario, Petén, Guetamala, World Bank, Banco Mundial Link: http://www.sur.iucn.org/ces/documentos/documentos/508.pdf
Contribuido por: Paola Alfaro
Fecha de Publicación June 1999
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