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Título Agrarian Policy and Rural Development in Guatemala: Visions for a State Agenda
URL: Adobe PDF/docs/Agrarian%20Policy%20in%20Guatemala%2Epdf
Descripción This paper talks about land and rural development in Guatemala. In this country, it can be said that the agrarian issue is expressed by the perception that land ownership represents a strategic axis for action in interpreting history and the changes that have come about in development, while rural development is expressed in terms and indices of the population living in poverty or extreme poverty. Key words: land policy, política de tierras, land dispute, conflictos de tierras, rural development, desarrollo rural, poverty, pobreza, institutional framework, marco institucional, agrarian legislation, legislación agraria, cadastre, catastro, cadastral register, registro catastral, Pachuca, México, Méjico, Mexico, Banco Mundial, World Bank Link: http://lnweb18.worldbank.org/ESSD/essdext.nsf/24DocByUnid/4EEF9F5D1DE368C185256BE20066AF6D/$FILE/Guatemala%20Paper-English.pdf
Contribuido por: Paola Alfaro
Fecha de Publicación April 2002
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