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Título Property Rights, Collective Action and Poverty: The Role of Institutions For Poverty Reduction
URL: Adobe PDF/docs/Property%20Rights%20and%20Poverty%2Epdf
Descripción This paper presents a conceptual framework for examining how property rights and collective action can contribute to poverty reduction, including both external interventions and action by poor people themselves. It begins with definitions of the key concepts—poverty, property rights, and collective action. It then turns to an examination of how property rights and collective action are related to poverty outcomes. At the heart of this framework is the action arena, which is shaped by initial conditions and, in turn, determines a range of outcomes. Applying this framework to poverty reduction, there is an analysis of the initial conditions of poverty, including the asset base, risks and vulnerability, legal structure and power relations. It concludes with a discussion of how this framework can improve the understanding of the outcomes in terms of changes in poverty status. Key words: poverty, pobreza, property rights, derecho de propiedad, legislation, legislación, natural resources, recursos naturales, collective action, acción colectiva Link: http://www.iascp2004.org.mx/downloads/paper_443.pdf
Contribuido por: Paola Alfaro
Fecha de Publicación August 2004
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