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Título Dimensions of Land Inequality and Economic Development
URL: Adobe PDF/docs/Dimensions%20of%20Land%20Inequality%2Epdf
Descripción There are several theories linking land inequality with aspects of economic development. Empirical work on these theories has attempted to establish a relationship between land inequality and institutions, financial development, and education. This research, though, has relied on measures of land inequality that capture only inequality within the class of landholders, ignoring completely the issue of landlessness. They use a new measure of the breadth of landholdings across the agricultural population to address this issue. They test the proposed relationships regarding land inequality and development using the new measure. The regressions fail to find significant and robust relationships between land inequality of either type and institutions or financial development. They do find that lower land inequality across agricultural populations, but not inequality within the landholding class, is associated with greater public provision of education. Key words: agriculture, agricultura, equity, equidad, institutional framework, marco institucional, financing, financiamiento, education, educación, FMI, IMF, desigualdad, desarrollo económico, land distribution, distribución de la tierra, coeficiente Gini Link: http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/wp/2004/wp04158.pdf
Contribuido por: Paola Alfaro
Fecha de Publicación August 2004
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