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Título Agriculture Sector Reform Program. Trinidad and Tobago


Description: Rationalize land use policies and administration as well as public sector expenditure in agriculture, achieve fiscal savings, and increase competitiveness in the sector

Key words: uso de la tierra, administración de tierras, competitividad, sector agricultura, institutional reforms, reformas institucionales

Link: http://www.iadb.org/EXR/doc98/apr/tt881e.htm

SECTOR: Agriculture

PROJECT NAME: Agriculture Sector Reform Program


TOTAL COST: $65 million


IDB $65 million

DATE OF APPROVAL: September 20, 1995

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The objective of the loan is to support a range of policy and institutional reforms to strengthen the performance of the agriculture sector. These reforms are intended to rationalize public sector expenditure in agriculture, achieve fiscal savings, and increase competitiveness in the sector. In the medium term, the program is expected to generate foreign exchange through increased exports and better land utilization, as well as foster economic diversification and increase employment in the sector.

The program consists of four components: (a) trade and price policies; (b) land use policies and administration; (c) restructuring and divestment of state-owned enterprises; and (d) public administration reform to improve agricultural support services, as well as sector policy, programming and budget functions. The operation also includes a component to help mitigate the social impact of sector adjustment.

GOODS AND EQUIPMENT: Loan funds will be used to finance the cost of eligible imports. Contracts for the equivalent of $5 million or more will be awarded through international competitive bidding.

EXECUTING AGENCY: Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources

St. Claire Circle, St. Claire

Port of Spain, Trinidad

Telephone: (809) 622-1121/4

Contact: Mr. Vaughn Thomasos


Contribuido por: Paola Alfaro
Fecha de Publicación 1995
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