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Title Land Regularization and Conflict Resolution: The Case of Mexico.
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Description The paper is part of a series of case studies that the FAO Land Tenure Service (LTS) is carrying out on the topic of land tenure conflict management. In june-july 2002 the LTS carried out a needs assessment survey with land and natural resources conflict management practitioners of different countries. The Mexico case is a very relevant experience, because of the institutional framework that was set-up by the Mexican Government to solve land tenure conflicts in the framework of a nationwide land regularization program that took place after the a new land reform law was elicited in 1992. Decentralization was one of the key issues in the institutional set-up, and participatory methodologies were the main tool. The paper of Kirsten Appendini analyses the implementation of PROCEDE, which was launched in 1993, with the purpose of solving the main land conflicts preventing the regularizations of agrarian reform lands. The paper analyses both the main achievements and bottlenecks of the program, and suggests key issues to take into consideration for the implementation of similar experiences elsewhere. Because of the unique characteristics as a Government institutional experience on land conflict management, the Mexico case would certainly be a case of interest for practitioners and professionals dealing with the issue of conflict and natural resources. Document presented at the Round Table on conflict resolution, Quito, Ecuador, July 24-26, 2003. Key words: PROCEDE, land reform, titling, rural promoters, descentralización, regularización de la tierra, resolución de conflictos, reforma agraria, titulación, visitadores, mesa redonda, México. Link: http://www.rlc.fao.org/prior/desrural/tenencia/pdf/mexico.pdf Mexico /México
Contributed by: Mariana Herrera
Date Published December, 2001
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