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Título Legal reform in Central America: dispute resolution and property systems
URL: http://steenbock.library.wisc.edu/
Descripción Translation/Traduccion: Reforma de derecho en America Central: resolucion de disputas y sistemas propietarios Institutional Author/Autor Institucional: Harvard, University, John F. Kennedy School of Government The countries of Central America, afflicted for many years by civil strife and economic stagnation, are entering a new era of peace, democracy, and economic development. Now, more than ever, it is necessary for reforms in the legal system to successfully support these changes. This volume examines two fields of law in which reforms are especially crucial: the improvement of the judicial systems and other mechanisms for resolving noncriminal disputes, and modernization of the laws governing both tangible and "intellectual" property. Hard copy available from/Disponible en papel de: Try Publisher or Interlibrary Loan (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Law Library, KG86 F54 2001) Keywords/Palabras Claves: Central America; America Central; Conflicts and conflict resolution; Land administration; Laws, statutes, and regulations; Property registration and titling; Conflictos y su resolucion; Administracion de tierras; Leyes, estatutos y reglamentos; Registracion y titulacion de tierras
Contribuido por: Mariana Herrera
Fecha de Publicación 2001
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