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Title Cadastre 2014 : report of Commission 7, Working Group 7.1, Modern Cadastres
URL: http://www.swisstopo.ch/fig-wg71/doc/fig98_cad2014/cad2014procpaper.htm
Description Translation/Traduccion: Catastro 2014 : informe del Grupo de Trabajo 7.1 de la Comision 7, Catastros Modernos Abstract/Resumen: The report describes the work being done in stages and progress that has been made by Working Group 7.1. It gives an overview of the results of the surveys on the state of the cadastral systems, the cadastral reform processes, and the issues of privatisation and cost recovery in cadastral matters. The result of the work – a vision of the cadastral systems in sometwenty years, which the Working Group speaks of a ‘Vision Cadastre 2014’ – is shown. Notes/Notas: Report of the working group, which was active 1994-1998. Abstracts provided in English, French, and German Institutional Author/Autor Institucional: International Federation of Surveyors. Commission 7, Cadastre and Land Management. Working Group 7. 1 Reforming the Cadastre. Conference/Reunion: International Federation of Surveyors. Congress (1998 : Brighton, England)
Contributed by: Mariana Herrera
Date Published 1998
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