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Título Home-ownership, community interactions, and segregation
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Descripción Translation/Traduccion: Ser dueno de casa, interacciones con la comunidad y la segregacion Institutional Author/Autor Institucional: Brookings Institution. Center on Social and Economic Dynamics.; World Bank Abstract/Resumen: This study presents a “social interactions” model of home-ownership patterns that can explain the emergence of blighted communities. Residents have an incentive for home improvement and civic participation only if they own sufficient home equity. Capital market imperfections may bar poorer households from becoming home-owners. Complementarities among actions taken by home-owners lead to tenure-segregated communities. Our results can explain the emergence of polarized cities - the rich in home-owning communities with high levels of home improvement effort and civic engagement, the poor in rental communities with low levels of both. Multiple equilibria are possible, and small interventions can have large effects. Notes/Notas: Presented at a luncheon seminar at the Center on Social and Economic Dynamics, Brookings Institution, on Thursday, January 25, 2001.
Contribuido por: Mariana Herrera
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