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Título Emerging trends in land tenure reform: Progress towards a unified theory
URL: http://www.fao.org/WAICENT/FAOINFO/SUSTDEV/LTdirect/LTan0038.htm
Descripción Land tenure regularisation is often thought of in terms of support to capital formation. It is commonly held that the security of tenure provided by land registration and cadastre is almost a precondition these days to attract financial capital to rural areas (natural capital). By the same token, the clarity of tenure relations and conflict resolution procedures provided by regularising institutions contributes to physical capital development. Valuation and taxation make possible community investments in infrastructure, education, health and social services. These latter are investments in a society's human capital. The present paper focuses on FAO Member Nation experience in the formation of another type of capital, social capital. In the analysis, the author presents a case for a positive relationship between land tenure regularisation and social capital formation in those cases involving shared and common rural resource tenure systems.
Contribuido por: Mariana Herrera
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