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Título Achieving Success in Rural Development:
URL: Adobe PDFhttp://www.un.org/esa/coordination/ecosoc/hl2003/deJanvry.pdf
Descripción Achieving Success in Rural Development: Tools and Approaches for Implementation of an Integral Approach by Alain de Janvry University of California at Berkeley I. Posing the problem of rural poverty and rural development for the MDG Let me start by commending the Economic and Social Council for placing the theme of rural development at the top of its work agenda for 2003. This is an issue that has been badly and increasingly neglected, and that needs urgent redress. Neglect is best appreciated when contrasting the 25% share of the major donors’ lending portfolios going to rural development to the 75% of world poverty that is rural. Not only is the incidence of poverty much higher in rural areas, but also the depth of poverty, with particular social categories more systematically affected such as women, indigenous people, and ethnic minorities. Yet, it is obvious that the Millenium Development Goal of halving world extreme poverty and hunger between 1990 and 2015 cannot possibly be reached without a special focus on rural poverty reduction. Rural areas also systematically lag behind urban areas in meeting every single one of the other MDGs, most particularly education, the status of women, child mortality, maternal health, the incidence of endemic diseases, and environmental stress. To meet the MDGs, rural development indeed needs to be placed high on the development agenda, as ECOSOC is doing.
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