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Title Critical Issues and Future Challenges
URL: Adobe PDFhttp://www.landequity.com.au/pdfs/Global-Synth-document.pdf
Description COMPARATIVE STUDY OF LAND ADMINISTRATION SYSTEMS Critical Issues and Future Challenges August, 2003 This preliminary report has been prepared by Tony Burns, Chris Grant, Anne-Marie Brits and Kevin Nettle of Land Equity International Pty Ltd under a contract with the World Bank. The report documents the first stage of a global study undertaken in the context of the preparation of the World Bank's Policy Research Report on land policy (Deininger 2003), which was supported by USAID, the Norwegian ESSD Trust Fund, the Australian Consultant Trust Fund, and the World Bank's Latin America Region. This study was undertaken under the general supervision of Isabel Lavadenz of the World Bank and Jolyne Sanjak of USAID. The report draws upon regional studies prepared by Gavin Adlington (Europe and Central Asia), Grenville Barnes (Latin America and the Caribbean), Clarissa Augustinus (Africa) and the authors (Asia) and country case studies prepared by Tony Burns and Wanna Rakyao (Thailand), Thackwray Driver (Trinidad & Tobago), Clarissa Augustinus (Mozambique), and Elizabeth Lundgren (Kyrgyzstan). The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance in reviewing the text provided by Gavin Adlington, Clarissa Augustinus, Grenville Barnes, and Nigel Thompson. This report is preliminary in nature and will serve as the basis for further study and analysis which is planned for completion in March 2004. Any errors in the text are the sole responsibility of the authors and the views expressed in this report are those
Contributed by: Paola Alfaro
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