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Título Course - Large-Scale Urban Redevelopment Projects: Regulations, Processes and Impact Analysis
URL: http://www.lincolninst.edu/education/education-coursedetail.asp?id=58
Descripción Large-Scale Urban Redevelopment Projects: Regulations, Processes and Impact Analysis Date(s): June 23 - 27, 2003 Location(s): Lincoln House, Cambridge, Massachusetts Faculty Martim Smolka, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Mario Lungo Ucles, Office of Planning of the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador (OPAMSS), El Salvador Overview Developed for experts involved in large-scale urban redevelopment, as well as for politicians and academics, this course is set in the context of the land regulation crisis in various Latin American countries and the new paradigms of urban management. Through case studies, students discuss the rationale for large-scale urban interventions, the implementation process and criteria to evaluate their impact on cities. This program includes the conceptual framework; analysis of alternative regulations (comparing punitive vs. incentive-based conditions); examination of the broader redistributive effects of land use regulation and economic investments; the role of local, state and national governments, and private sector in management of these projects; and social and urban impacts. Case studies include recuperation of deteriorated or technologically obsolete zones, historical centers and the reuse of vacant land.
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