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Título Agrarian Change and Privatization of Ejido Land in Northern Mexico
URL: http://www.ingenta.com/isis/searching/ExpandTOC/ingenta?issue=infobike://bpl/joac/2002/00000002/00000003&index;=11
Descripción This paper uses the findings of a 1999 case study of ejidos (collective landholdings) in the Yaqui Valley, Sonora, a prominent agricultural region of northwest Mexico, to examine responses to a series of economic and legal reforms enacted as part of Mexico’s ‘Reform of the Countryside’, which began in the late 1980s. In particular, it analyses reactions to the 1992 amendment to Article 27 of Mexico’s Constitution, which legalized the rental and sale of previously inalienable ejido land and created programmes and institutions to officially certify ejido members’ land rights. The paper concludes that the complex of economic and legal reforms – combined with the specificities of Sonoran agriculture – has generated a visible change in ejidos with respect to land operation, setting the stage for an accelerated shift towards the privatization of agricultural land in northern Mexico. Mexico /México Mexico /México Mexico /México
Contribuido por: Paola Alfaro
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