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Title Gender and property rights : proceedings volume of Gender-Prop International E-mail Conference convened June 1995-March 1996
URL: http://steenbock.library.wisc.edu/
Description Translation/Traduccion: El genero y los derechos propietarios : tomo Memoria de la Conferencia Internacional de Correo Electronico Gender-Prop, convocado desde junio de 1995 hasta marzo de 1996 Institutional Author/Autor Institucional: International Food Policy Research Institute Conference/Reunion: Gender-Prop International E-mail Conference (1995-1996)) Place of Publication/Lugar de Publicacion: Washington D.C. Publisher/Editorial: IFPRI Keywords/Palabras Claves: Agrarian reform; Conferences and congresses; Land tenure; Laws, statutes, and regulations; Natural resource management and tenure; Poor and marginalized groups; Property registration and titling; Reforma agraria; Congresos y reuniones; Tenencia de la tierra; Leyes, estatutos y reglamentos; Administracion y tenencia de recursos naturales; Grupos marginados y de bajos ingresos; Registracion y titulacion de tierras Date/Fecha: 1997 Pagination/Volumes/Paginas/Tomos: 116 p. Text/Texto: English Hard copy available from/Disponible en papel de: Nik Harvey, Gender Research Network, IFPRI: N.Harvey@cgiar.org or Interlibrary Loan (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Steenbock Library, HQ1236.5 D44 G46 1997)
Contributed by: Mariana Herrera
Date Published 1997
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