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1. Legal reform in Central America: dispute resolution and property systems.   ver detalle y comentar
Translation/Traduccion: Reforma de derecho en America Central: resolucion de disputas y sistemas propietarios Institutional Author/Autor Institucional: Harvard, University, John F. Kennedy School of Government The countries of Central America, afflicted for many years by civil strife and economic stagnation, are entering a new era of peace, democracy, ver mas...
5/5/2004Martha A. FIELD; William W. FISHER
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2. Adobe PDFComentario a la ponencia Tierra y violencia en situaciones de post conflicto de Jean Deaudelin.   ver detalle y comentar
Comentario al documento de Jean Daudelin: Land and Violence in Post-Conflict Situations, presentado en el Taller Regional sobre Uso de la Tierra en América Latina y El Caribe, Pachuca Hidalgo, México: 19-22 de mayo de 2002. Key words: land dispute, conflictos de tierras, violencia, access to land, acceso a la tierra, indigenous people, pueblos indígenas, ver mas...
10/26/2005Carlos Camacho Nassar
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3. Adobe PDFLand and Violence in Post-Conflict Situations.   ver detalle y comentar
This paper pursues two objectives: 1) outline a basic analytical framework that would help assess the potential conflict impact of programs and measures currently being implemented or planned and 2) identify lessons learned about links between land policy and violence. It was made for the Regional Workshop on Land Issues in Latin America and The Caribbean ver mas...
10/20/2005Jean Daudelin
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4. Adobe PDFLand Regularization and Conflict Resolution: The Case of Mexico..   ver detalle y comentar
The paper is part of a series of case studies that the FAO Land Tenure Service (LTS) is carrying out on the topic of land tenure conflict management. In june-july 2002 the LTS carried out a needs assessment survey with land and natural resources conflict management practitioners of different countries. The Mexico case is a very relevant experience, ver mas...
11/1/2004Kirsten Appendini. El Colegio de México, México.
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5. Adobe PDFLand, Conflict and Development: What Role for Donors?.   ver detalle y comentar
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6. Adobe PDFLand, Violent Conflict and Development.   ver detalle y comentar
7/27/2004Nicolas Pons-Vignon and Henri-Bernard Solignac Lecomte
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7. Legal Advice to Support Juridical Security of Access to Land in Guatemala.   ver detalle y comentar
8/3/2005Ariane C. DE BREMOND
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9. Adobe PDFParalegales Comunitarios y la Tenencia de la Tierra.   ver detalle y comentar
10/21/2004Manuel Morales Feijoo
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10. Adobe PDFPrinciples of PPGIS for Land Conflict Resolution in Guatemala.   ver detalle y comentar
Analysis of the spatial categories of Guatemalans with low or non technical expertise in mapping and planning will let to provide input for a desired spatial cognitive compatibility between the public user’s and a public-geographic information system for land conflict ver mas...
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