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Dear Alliance Participant,

The Consultative Group of the Inter-American Alliance for Accountability on Real Property Rights hopes you had a happy holiday season and wishes you a prosperous and active New Year. At this time we would like to give you an update on the activities of the Alliance. During 2005 and leading-up to the next Summit of the Americas scheduled to take place in Argentina in November 2005, we would like to focus the efforts of the Alliance in the following three key areas:

  1. Continue identifying and conducting country-specific outreach activities and providing technical guidance focused on facilitating legal and regulatory reforms essential for strengthening property rights. Currently ‘Alliance Initiatives’ are being discussed and developed for Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Honduras and Paraguay. As you will recall, these Initiatives:
    1. meet the objectives of the Alliance in helping countries to address the commitment to strengthening real property rights and real property rights systems as agreed to in the 2004 Summit of the Americas.
    2. are driven by ‘In-Country Partners,’ proposed to the Alliance, and then reviewed by the Alliance’s Consultative Group. The broader group of Alliance Participants can serve various roles in these activities as hosts, sponsors, speakers, or be involved in other substantial ways.
    3. provide an opportunity for Alliance Participants to build awareness regarding the importance of strong property rights and systems in overall economic and social development;

    For these initial activities, the Alliance is providing funding for basic costs while In-Country Partners provide in-kind support. It is our hope that as these activities are expanded and new ones are initiated, other donors will begin to provide assistance.

  2. Continue to develop, and test in a number of countries, the ‘Blueprint for Strengthening Real Property Rights.’ The Blueprint is intended as a tool to both measure real property rights and real property rights systems in a specific country against a set of common principles and standards, as well as to enable monitoring of progress in strengthening real property rights over time. The final version of the Draft ‘Blueprint’ can be found on the Alliance Website at www.landnetamericas.org/Alliance/Alliance.asp. We are currently working with the LandNet Americas Web designer to develop an interactive version of the Blueprint.
  3. Develop and conduct an Electronic-Conference among Alliance Participants with the objective to focus Alliance discussion and debate on key issues related to strengthening of real property rights and legal and institutional reform of real property rights systems in advance of the next Meeting of the Alliance which is being tentatively planned for April of 2005.

In regard to preparing the e-conference, in the coming days please look out for an email directly from Kevin Barthel asking you to provide some ideas on topics for the Alliance’s Electronic-Conference on Strengthening Real Property Rights.
Thank you for your interest, patience and assistance in furthering the work of the Alliance.


Jolyne Sanjak and Amy Regas

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